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The Hamburg Players e.V. present Proof by David Auburn

In June 2012, the Hamburg Players perform Proof, David Auburn's exciting probe into human relationships and the need for trust where proof is impossible.

After Robert, a once brilliant mathematician dies, his daughter Catherine is worried that she may have inherited not only her father's genius but also his mental illness. Older sister Claire is convinced she has and wants to take her to New York to be looked after. Meanwhile, Robert's former student Hal is searching through Robert's papers. He is trying to find something of his mentor's worth saving. Are the brilliant, cutting-edge calculations he finds really Catherine's, as she claims, or are they Robert's ? Can Catherine prove the proof is hers?

Don't miss David Auburn's Pulitzer Prize winning play.

Directors: Henrik Zawischa and Sonia Senfft von Pilsach

Venue: Theater an der Marschnerstraße, Marschnerstraße 46, 22081 Hamburg.

Underground station Hamburger Straße

Performance dates: 6 – 9 and 13 – 16 June 2012, Wednesdays to Saturdays at 7.30 pm, plus a matinee on Saturday 9 June at 3.30 pm ·

Tickets: (040) 292665, (040)7131399 or

Tickets: 10, 12 or 15 euros. Premiere on 6 June – all tickets 10 euros. Group discounts available. Discounted tickets for students: 7 euros

The Hamburg Players e.V. (founded in 1965) is an English-language theatrical society that performs three plays a year of 9 performances each at Theater an der Marschnerstraße in Hamburg. With "Babel's in Arms" by David Ives the Hamburg Players won several awards at the FEATS theatre festival 2011 in Geneva (

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