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Die Entwicklung neuer Verhaeltnisse

In Grossbritannien sind die Maiferien zu Ende und morgen ist Anfang einer neuen Schulwoche. Fuer viele Studenten und Studentinnen fangen auch die schwierigen Pruefungen an; kurz danach kommen die wichtigen Ergebnisse, die ihre Zukunft entscheiden.  Eine anstrengende Zeit.

Fuer alle  jungen Leute, die vielleicht eine Woche oder ein Paar Tage mit einem Brieffreund oder einer Brieffreundin in Hamburg oder in der Naehe verbracht haben, haben sie bestimmt ihre…


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I was disappointed to have missed the UNESCO representative's lecture on 'lifelong learning' recently. The theme of lifelong learning  can often  mean different things to different people, according to an individual's age, experiences and circumstances, but, as moral beings, it is ALWAYS relevant and a good  benchmark for who we are as human beings. 

That noble organisation, UNESCO, is, in my view, as important and also as relevant as the founding of the…


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Food for thought

I am reliably informed that Rick Stein, OBE, the internationally-renowned, British chef,  TV presenter, gourmet  and food writer, was recently seen in the city of Hamburg.  I love his down-to-earth style, his inquisitiveness about different recipes and his wide-ranging culinary expertise (and, I have to admit, his seafood risotto is both delicious and nutritious!).  But what brought him to Hamburg?  Was…


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All together now: love, love, love!

Who doesn't recognise William Shakespeare's, England's most famous and greatest poet and playwright, immortal lines on the torment of unrequited love, spoken by Count Orsino,  in his 17th century play, Twelfth Night?

If music is the food of love, play on,

Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,

The appetite may sicken, and so die.…


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It's never too late to ...

In my opinion, January is the best month of the year for planning, making decisions  and day- dreaming about what the year to come will unfold. The days are still short, making evening outdoor pursuits, such as a brisk walk or a vigorous run, to keep fit and healthy, a bit of a motivational challenge after too much  Christmas indulgence.  (Well, that's my excuse, anyway!) So, despite my well-intentioned New…


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Joy to the world

For Christians around the world, this is a special time of anticipation, hope and celebration: an opportunity to reflect on the events of the year and to look forward to spending time (a lot or a little!) with family and friends.  Even for those struggling with their faith, of another faith or disillusioned altogether with religion, the season of good will to all men (and women!) is unstoppable in its…


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Welcome back, Paul




On my travels, I have found the one thing that unites people of all ages throughout the world is an appreciation of music and song.  Whether you are 6 or 100, the words and tunes of songs linger in the mind, with the ability to evoke powerful emotions and stir up memories. 

My own favourite as a child was:

"Love, love me do/

You know I love you/

I'll always be true/

So please, love me do/

Love me…


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