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Wandering through the Karo-Viertel - on route, no doubt, to a Royal Wedding shindig at the Rota Flora -

it will have been impossible  for you to have missed the rapturous blue sailing ship posters, adorning

the outside of the delightful Centrosociale - The Story Boat's new venue - in the Sternschanze.


While the fine art work's quite worthy of the eschelons of Bridfas, the stories are what count - and they're a scream.

Hear tales of trouser-chasing, gin-swigging Welsh priests; listen to Patrick Pearse in the original Gaelic - "I am of

Ireland"; and discover what happens when you start playing the prince in Cinderella in a backwards Westphalian town,

to be met in doorways by non-plussed neo-Nazis who are just trying to get the football scores on the teletext.


Itinerants have called The Story Boat "a damned sight funnier than an evening at The British Club." Whether that's praise or them just trying to be kind is hard to tell. More tellingly, the culture critic Heinrich Issmeinhut called The Story Boat: "An strangly painted lighthouse in Hamburg's cultural seascape, throwing glaring rays back onto the hamburg english theatre establishment - that english theatre; hamburg players; the rover rep - lighting them - and itself - up; for what they truly are."


What the hell did Issmeinhut mean? You're very warmly invited to come to

The Story Boat -

- to try to find out.


Henry Holland, the organiser.

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